About Us

One of the better fruits brought about by the phenomenon called globalization is the sharing of information and transfer of knowledge from one part of the world to another. Things that are beneficial and generally accepted as good for mankind have traveled from remote areas to bustling cities thanks to the fast-spreading idea of globalization.


The Context

Acupuncture is a healing technique that was first discovered by the Chinese at least two thousand years ago. They had since been using this technique which has only recently been introduced to the world at large. It is a safe non-drug therapy which is known to cater to discomforts caused by various ailments. Initially, its use was only limited to pain management but now with newer discoveries and research, it has become evident that the scope of acupuncture as a treatment for various diseases is massive.


Our Mission

We are a community of very enthusiastic people who have a special love for the oriental modes of medicine and healing. We have developed this platform and this team to introduce these healing techniques to a wider audience in simple language so that more and more people get to know about its benefits and start adopting it to cure themselves of their issues without having to spend a lot of money.


Our Vision

Since it is cheaper and safer, acupuncture seems like the ideal solution to various health problems that we commonly face. It is our vision to see people taking interest in this technique, we want them to take it to the next level and perform and researches so that it can be applied in an even more effective manner in the future to fully exploit its various advantages.

In the long run, we want to develop a community of knowledgeable people who can take this work forward and inspire others to take an interest, learn the art itself, become acupuncturists and adopt its use to take control of common illnesses without having to digest harmful pills.


The Future Of Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine

We believe that oriental medicine and that too of the likes of acupuncture, which are safe to use alongside other forms of treatment, have a really bright future. We think that the future will see an even bigger number of people going for such treatments in a bid to recover from their illnesses as quickly as possible.

With the acceptance among the masses and prestigious medical bodies, there is no reason why acupuncture practice will not grow. We see a whole new generation which will take a keen interest in learning the art themselves and will end up practicing it professionally to keep the trend going and spreading it far and wide.

Another key aspect that the future holds is the interest of researchers in oriental medicine. Researchers are now turning a keen eye towards acupuncture and other similar forms of treatments in order to provide evidence-based backing to these treatments and also explore its newer more effective applications.